PLASTVISION’s mission is to give our clients reassurance and guarantee that their product will fit their exact wishes. The company in the frame of works consisting of separate divisions.

Injection Moulds Division
for personal needs as well as orders from companies in Poland and from abroad.

Industrial Design Division
has a particular compliance with details made from plastics and metal.

Injection Moulding Division
produces for personal needs as well as for orders from clients.

Production Division,
in which we also produce commercial stands, packaging (boxes made with flock technology) and hip baby sling MANDI.

The technical standards employed to the production give it the possibility to link with the  designing stage using the latest technology such as 3D computer simulating details, the possibility to make the product's prototypes, production of the injection moulds and later the production of details using the method of injection moulding and putting them together. This technology allows to fulfill the clients needs and make any changes during as well as after production.

The company's equipment as well as its many years of experience allow us to undertake the realisation of a product according to the exact need, FROM PROJECT TO PROJECT.