We offers services in designing and consulting in the domain for the majority of the industrial branch.

Our main goal is to contribute to the producer's success on the market.

A well designed product makes for good business, it is why we think that a perfect design is the basis of attending the producer's goal and achieving great success business wise. The success of a product is assembled by 6 basic and crucial aspects that absolutely need to be met: the look, its function, it's ergonomics, economics, its technique and technology, and content of the product's form.

Our designs offer:

  • Designing each developing phase - from concept to final product, as well as in each realm in modernisation, restyling, to the evolution of the new product (innovative works).
  • Managing the author's custody of the documentation on constructing and to accustom it to the production of the elaborated projects.
  • Building patterns, models and prototypes (mainly the casing) using traditional and computerised techniques, using our products as well as ones of other designers.
  • Compiling visual and promotionally informative for the products being compiled, using as well computerised techniques.

We design the product in strict interrelation with the client, his marketing concepts, his technical lay-outs and realization. The range, reference, depth of resolution, time and schedual of services depend on common recognition and defining the working approach for the project.

During the designing process we use the RHINOCEROS software and FLAMINGO.

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