MANDI is a back supporting belt designed to reduce strain on an adult’s back when carrying children. It redistributes the weight of the child away from the upper back and shoulders by spreading it evenly around the waist. Simple and practical MANDI is ideal for home, on the street and traveling.

mandiMANDI is fastened  with two strong, independent adjustable fasteners that ensure comfortable fit for all waist sizes. The outside and inside pockets allow safe storage of essentials.

MANDI can only be used be SITTING UP CHILDREN from 6 month up and not heavier than 16 kg. 


MANDI is made of waterproof material and can be washed after removing the seat.
It is available in black, navy, olive and beige colors.


Opinion - “Institute of Mother and Child” No. Op-4126 valid till 15.04.2008


Price: 149zł*

*brutto price including VAT

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